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Travel notes:

  • Health concerns

    No vaccinations are currently required for travelling to Bhutan. However, those infected are always advised to carry their own vaccines and must be administered at least ten days prior to the visit.
  • Money matters

    Master, maestro, cirrus and Visa credit cards are now accepted in most of the souvenir shops in the capital and important towns. Visitors are also advised to carry traveler cheques (preferably American Express) with some cash (US Dollars). The national currency is the ngultrum (Nu.), Exchange rate is approximately USD 1 = Nu. 52.30(sept.2012)
  • Electricity

    230-240 volts, 50 cycles A.C. The current is variable. If you do bring electrical appliances, bring along an international converter kit with a set of adapter plugs.
  • Clothing

    While casual are fine, sleeveless top, shorts and caps are strictly forbidden for entry in the Dzongs(fortress), government offices and monastic festivals. To withstand Bhutan’s changeable weather, visitors are also advised to bring travel cloths and warmer cloths for evenings.
  • Language

    Dzongkha is the official language spoken by most Bhutanese, became the national language in 1971. There are about 19 different dialects with very little in common. As well as Dzongkha, English is also widely spoken and the medium of in schools while Choekey, classical Dzongkha, is used in traditional monastic schools.

Safety concerns:

Pornographic materials, Narcotics, psychotropic drugs and substances are not allowed in the country. Visitors are also not allowed to carry any other goods which are prohibited by laws or international Conventions or Treaties to which Bhutan is a signatory. The local custom will only allow visitors to carry 200 pieces of cigarettes per person subject to 100 percent customs duty and 100 percent sales tax. Meanwhile, Smoking in public places is strictly prohibited in the country.
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Local Tour Guides

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