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1. Tour happy Bhutan-( 3Nights/4Days )

Day 1: (Paro2280m – Thimphu 2300m, 1hrs)

Arrive at Paro International Air-port. Meet with your BKT representative and take 1hr drive to the Capital city. En-route stop over Chunzom and enjoy the breath taking views of landscape, rivers and look out for three different styles of building stupas here in the Bhutan.
After reaching Wang simu, take a short walk down the rice fields where you will be able to visit one of the oldest Bhutanese home probably about 900 yrs old which stand still after the massive recent earthquake. 15century old Changankha Lhakang is the only temple that has the statue of the Compassion Buddha held fully seated unlike the others where they are all seen in a standing.
Overnight at Khang Residency, Peaceful Resort (or) similar.

Day 2: Thimphu sightseeing

Begin your day visiting the thirteen arts and craft school, Bhutan National library to witness the world’s largest book. Folk heritage museum, textile museum & National memorial stupa, National textile museum and National Institute of Traditional Medicine. Evening take a leisure walk for more interacting with the locals and visiting local store for souvenirs. Visit the most colorful weekends market here in the capital. The weaving center at Changzamtok is a place where one will be able to see sophisticated talented Bhutanese girls at their finest skills in producing the best designs and patterns depending on the intellectual abilities and capability.
Overnight at Khang Residency, Peaceful Resort or similar.

Day 3: (Thimphu2300m – Paro2280m)

Retrace your way back to Paro and visit ‘Tigers Nest’, walk beyond Tiger’s nest for yet another thrilling wild experience by hiking up-hill for about an hour or two depending on how fast you can walk to Taktsang Phelphug, Zangtopelri.After the fatigued hike to tigers nest, if you may a Herbal Hot Stone Bath can be arranged at a local farm house. The ruins of Drugyal Dzong is considered as the most historic sites whereby the Bhutanese militia led by the Zhabdrung claimed victory against the Tibetan Mongol allies from the north frontiers that’s been a threat to the Bhutanese integrity.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay Resort, Tenziling Resort or similar.

Day 4

Depart to your next destination.

2: The western frontiers of Bhutan-(4Nights/5Days)

Day 1: (Paro 2280m – Thimphu2300m, 1hrs)

Arrive at Paro, take one hour drive to Capital. Enroute stop over the Nunnery at Wangsisina, check out for yourself how strong the 900yr old house still standing with the descendants of celestial Sonam peldon living at the house even today. Check in and visit the ‘Fortress of Glorious Religion’, now being used as the office of the king and the ministers. Also witness the ongoing flag removal ceremony at the fortress carried out by the monks and the policeman. National textile museum and National Institute of Traditional Medicine are few places to be visited on your interest.
Overnight at Peaceful, Khang Residency or similar.

Day 2: (Thimphu 2230m – Haa2670m, 2-3hrs)

Early morning visit the Jungzhi traditional Hand-made factory, indigenous hospital and afternoon drive to western frontiers of Haa district which had been closed for tourist at its natural stage of time. Visit Lhakang Naap and lhakang Karpo. Buy some Lungdhar’s for to accumulate merits for yourself and your loved ones back home and to be hoisted at Chele La next day.
Overnight at Risum Guest House.

Day 3: (Haa 2670m- Paro2280m, 2-3hrs)

Drive to Paro via Cheli La (highest point of motor roads) enjoy the stunning panorama view of the great Himalayas. After hoisting the prayer flags one may find its way and hike about an hour and half down to Kila Nunnery from the Pass but being picked up later down the road by your transport.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay Resort, Khangku or similar.

Day 4: (Paro Sightseeing)

Hike up about 3-4hrs to the legendary “Taktshang” and beyond Ugyen tsemo, Zangto pelri and the monastic school for the young monk companions while practicing some mantra to accumulate merit and hike the valleys of the Himalayas. After the fatigued hike to tigers nest, if you may a Herbal Hot Stone Bath can be arranged at a local farm house.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, Khangku or similar.

Day 5:

Depart to your next destination.

3. The mad man tour from Bhutan-(5Nights/6Days)

Day 1 (Paro2280 m – Thimphu2300m)

Arrive at Paro international airport and depart to Thimphu(1hr) After reaching the capital we first began our divine tour with ‘Takin’, the national animal believed to be created by the Lama Drukpa kuenley, popularly known to the westerners as ‘the divine madman’ who is well known for his crazy wisdom and great humors and folk song.
Visit the largest statue of 55m tall Buddha Doderma overlooking Thimphu valley. Which houses one hundred thousand 12inch statue and twenty five 8inch statue of buddha of compassion placed inside the massive structure as an activation key.
Overnight at Khang, Peaceful resort or similar.

Day 2 (Thimphu 2300m – Tango/Chagri 2600m, 45min)

Drive north of Thimphu city to Tango (horse head) where Lam Drukpa Kuenley meditated. Visit Pangri Zampa whereby the monks here are specially trained to be future Bhutanese astrologer. National textile museum and National Institute of Traditional Medicine are few places to be visited on your interest. Royal academy of performing arts, Drubthob Goenba and the Blue stone dzong from the 12th century.
Overnight at Peaceful, Namgay heritage or similar.

Day 3 (Thimphu 2300m – Punakha 1250m, 3hrs)

Drive to 3-4hrs to Punakha, the winter capital for the monastic body. En-route stop over where we’ll hoist the blessed prayer flags for good health, fortune and good vibes for those in-need in the same place where during the 15th century ‘Lama Drukpa kuenley’ tamed this carnivorous demoness. Complete the blessing by become a part of the ceremony by gathering pine leaves and burning them as typical Bhutanese would normally do.
Overnight at Punatshangchhu, Meri Puensum or similar.

Day 4 (Punakha1250m – Paro2280m)

Visit the ‘Palace of Great Happiness’ located right in between Mo (female) and Pho (male) Chhu. Believed to be built on a hill similar to the trunk of an elephant following one of the few prophecies of Guru Rinpochhe, the saint who have planted the seed of Buddhism in Bhutan. Afternoon visit Chimi (no-dog) Lhakang (temple), the fertility temple dedicated to the divine madman. Legend has it that the temple itself was built on a hill that looks like a women’s breast, as Druukpa kuenley was saint obsessed by woman, wine and crazy wisdom. Offering yourself a chance to be blessed with Drukpa Kuenley’s phallus. Retrace your way back to Paro and visiting Simtokha dzong on the way.
Overnight at Tenziling, Tashi Namgay or similar.

Day 5: Hike Taktshang

After breakfast hike to Taktshang and beyond Ugyen Tsemo, Zangto Pelri and Monastic School for young monks. Evening stroll around down town Paro sopping in one most smallest town in the world. After the fatigued hike to tigers nest, if you may an Herbal Hot Stone Bath can be arranged at a local farm house.

Day 6:


4. Bhutan Himalaya tour-(6Nights/7Days)

Day 1 (Paro 2280m – Thimphu2300m)

Arrive at Paro and drive to Thimphu, the capital city. Check in and visit the ‘glorious fortress of great religion’ built around 17th century. Walk around colorful weekend’s market, the giant statue of Lord Buddha Doderma at Kuensel Phodrang, Changangkha Lhakang and the Zantopelri Lhakang. Traditional hand-made paper factory.
Overnight at Peaceful Resort, Khang Residency or similar.

Day 2 (Thimphu 2300m)

Begin your day by visiting Wangdetse Goenba, one of the most remotely built Bhuddhist headquarters overlooking Tashichoe Dzong and Thimphu valley. One can always return back the same way or descend downhill via different route down to Blue-Stone Dzong. The weaving center at Chanzamtok offers you a glimpse of most sophisticated Bhutanese textile with a great sense of touch and patterns & designs. The National memorial stupa is one of the pious landmark for the residence of Thimphu, built for the late third king and for World Peace, Simtokha Dzong and Zangtopelri Lhakang.
Overnight at Peaceful, Khang Residency or similar.

Day 3 (Thimphu2300m – Punakha 1250m, 3hrs)

Drive 3-4hrs to the former capital of Bhutan, Enroute stop over Dochula and hike upto about 4000m to Lungchutse, one of the distant 15century temple offering one of glamorous view of the Great Himalayas right infront of your eyes. Drive further down to Punakha and visit the massive ‘Palace of Great Happiness’ at the confluence of Mo chhu and Pho chhu. Kuruthang Goenba is one of the unique monasteries in Punakha which is privately owned by a local.
Overnight at Meri Puensum, Damchen or similar.

Day 4 (1250mPunakha – Wangdue1300m/Phobjikha 2900m, 2-3hrs)

Begin your day by an easy walk to the temple of fertility and drive 2-3hrs to the valley. Every year a minimum of three hundred ‘Black Necked Cranes’ visit this wetlands all the way from Tibet during winter. The most distant western district of Bhutan still at its stage of natural beauty, where the impact of modernization is still at slow pace. Visit the 500 year old Gantey Goemba and meet up with the local carpenters who renovates the monastery after it is been hit by the 2011 earthquake. Lunch at Dochula
Overnight at dewachen, Gakiling or similar.

Day 5 (Phobjikha 2900m – Paro2280m, 3-4hrs)

Make yourself feel more remote by walking the ‘Nature trail’ around the roosting wetland of the endangered black necked cranes. Retrace your way back to Paro. The 8th century old kyichu is one of the most venerated lhakangs in the country.
Overnight at Tenziling, Tashi Namgay or similar.

Day 6 (Paro 2280m)

Hike to the legendary Taktshang and beyond Zantopelri, Ugyen Tsemo. The ruins of victorious Drugyal dzong stand still even to this hour of time honoring the ‘Drukpas’ who have lost lives on the verge of saving the country from Tibetan Mongol invasions as early as 17th century.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, khangku or similar

Day 7: Depart.

5. The kingdom of Bhutan tour-(7Nights/8Days)

Day 1 (Paro2280m – Thimphu 2300m)

Arrive at Paro. Meet with your guide and driver, take 1hrs drive to Thimphu. Explore your to the country more by taking a walk over the bridge at chunzom to see the three idiosyncratic stupa’s at the confluence of two rivers. About 45min of drive one could visit the 900yr old rammed earth house at WangSimu. Evening to Tashichoedzong to witness the flag removal ceremony.
Overnight at Peaceful, Khang residency or similar

Day 2 (Thimphu 2300m – Tango/Chgari2600m, 45min)

Drive north of Thimphu town to Tango & Chagri, one of the distant Bhuddhist institute and colleges away from the city life. The school of arts and craft, indigenous hospital. Pangrizampa Goenba is where the juvenile monks are trained to become one of the finest astrologer of the future times.
Overnight at Khang Residency,Peacful or similar

Day 3 (2300mThimphu – 1250m Punakha, 3-4hrs)

A 3hr drive to the former capital and presently winter capital of the monastic body passing by Dochula at an elevation of 3140m approximately. The most scenic Pass in the region offers you great view of the Himalayas on a clear sky. The temple at the top of the small hill was built for His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo and for World peace who show cases one of the finest art and craft rare to be seen elsewhere. The palace of great happiness and the Dzong Chung located opposite facing the main entrance is believed to be built by an indian saint during his visit at the site as early as 13century.
Overnight at Damchen, Meri puensum or similar.

Day 4 (Punakha1250m – Gantey2900m, 4hrs)

The valley of the rare species of “Blacked necked cranes” is the only the reason why the valley is still without proper electricity for many decades thinking that one would destroy the natural habitat for the Cranes. Not very far from the civilization but it sure is one of the distant villages in western Bhutan where people still live old fashioned with the basic lifestyle. Depending on time one can always try and explore the valley more by a much tougher half day Shashi La Nature trail hike.
Overnight at Dewachen, Gakiling or similar

Day 5 (Gantey 2900m- Paro2280m, 4-5hrs)

Today an early drive to Paro and sighseeing in Paro. Visit the Dzongdrakha, Rinpung Dzong, National Museum and Dungtse Lhakang, Drugyal Dzong
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, Khangku or similar

Day 6 (Paro 2280m – Taktshang 3140m)

After paying your visit to enigmatic ‘Taktshang’, continue hiking uphill to Zangtopelri and to Ugyen tsemo and meet up with your trekking entourage waiting anxiously to serve to a hot cup of tea all for you. If you may, you can always become a part of the family of the janitor who lives next to the temple.
Camsite at Ugyen tsemo

Day 7 (Paro Taktshang 3140m)

Re-trace your way downhill to the ‘Taksthang’ visiting kinder garden buddhist school. If you may the traditional Herbal Hot Stone Bath can be arranged at a local farm house.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, Khangku or similar

Day 8


6. Bhutan majestic tour-(8Nights/9Days)

Day 1 (Paro 2280m – Punakha1250m)

Drive to Punakha, the winter capital for the monastic body. Visit the ‘Mad-Mans Temple of fertility ‘. Palace of Great Happiness is the only most beautiful dzong in the entire country whose southern part of the dzong has completely been washed away in 1994 flash flood but have been rebuilt to its present form by the people and the government.
Overnight at Meri Puensum, Damchen or similar

Day 2 (Punakha 1250m – Trongsa2180m, 5-6hrs)

After reaching Peli La 3300m, one is welcomed by the famous “Black Mountain” which is the only barrier separating the West from the central and the Far East in the ancient times. Lunch at Tshendebji and continue your drive to Trongsa, the ancestral home ground for the “Wangchuck Dynasty”.
Overnight at Yangkhil, Tashi Ninjay or Similar

Day 3 (Trongsa 2180m – Bumthang2580m, 2-3hrs)

After visiting the massive Trongsa Dzong and Ta dzong one will be transferred further east to Bumthang, the spiritual heart-land of the country. Visit Jambey Lhakang, Kurjey.
Overnight at Gongkar guest house, Ugyenling or similar

Day 4 (Bumthang valley – Ura day Excursion, 2-3hrs)

Visit the Ura temple and after a especial tea at Aum Om’s farm house she will also be keen in showing you around her house and for you it’s a period where you will be able to differentiate the way of building homes in their best way possible by paying your visit at the farm house. The ‘Mebar-Tsho’ will be in interesting place you may visit on your return from Ura and evening you may encounter monk having theological debates at kharchu dratshang.
Overnight at Gongkhar guest house, Ugyenling or similar

Day 5 (Bumthang 2580m – Gantey2900m, 5-6hrs)

Walk the valley following the ancient trails around the roosting wetlands of ‘Black Necked Cranes’.
Overnight at Dewachen, Gakiling or similar

Day 6 (Gantey 2900m – Thimphu2300, 5hrs)

En-route stop over Dochula Pass and visit the temple on the hill believed to be built for the Fifth Dragon king and for the World peace. The fortress of the glorious religion is the office of the king and for administartion.
Overnight at Peaceful, Khang Residency or similar

Day 7 Thimphu – Paro

Visit the colorful weekend market and local farmers market, following an archery match. Visit the largest ever statue of Buddha Doderma overlooking Thimphu valley. The ‘Takin’ preservation center opens to you the national animal of Bhutan believed to be created by super divine madman of Drukpa Lineage during his visit in the country. Evening drive to Paro.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, Khangku or similar.

Day 8 (Paro Taktshang)

After breakfast visit legendary ‘Tiger’s Nest’. Drugyal Dzong, Kyichu lhakang, Dungtse lhakang, national Museum, Paro Ringpung Dzong. Walk the talk around one of the smallest town of the world.
Overnight at Khangku, Tashi Namgay or similar(

Day 9


7.Festival of the White Bird  10Days

Day 01: Arrival in Paro- half day

Arrive at the airport, meet with your guide and driver outside the terminal. After brief introduction, drive to hotel for check in and relax. Later visit Ta-Dzong (watch tower), followed by Kichu Lhakhang, and visit a local farmhouse meet with the family for a welcome Suja (butter tea) or Oja (milk tea without sugar). Evening leisure walk down the traditional Paro town.

Overnight at hotel in Paro

Day 02: Tiger’s nest hike / Prayer Flag Hoisting

Taktshang (Tigers nest) monastery is one of the most revered site for all Himalayan Buddhist as their pilgrimage destination. The trail leads up steadily meandering along the ridge and finally finishes at the view point above the monastery and continues with steps all the way down to a water fall and continues further up into the interior of the monastery.  The way back to the bottom is by the same trail. On this hike one can ride horses up till the tea house and not beyond. For those who have the energy and quest to explore more, there are many other sacred monasteries around the main Tiger’s Nest monastery.

It is to be noted that the Tiger Nest Monastery closes down at 1 to 2 Pm every day for lunch break. On your return, your guide will arrange a completely vegetarian lunch at Taktsang cafeteria which is half way to the car parking.

Overnight at Paro

Day 03: Fly to Jakar

Morning drive to the airport for a 35mins flight to Jakar, Bumthang. Check and relax in hotel. Later, sightseeing include 7th century Jambey Lhakang, believed to be one of the 108 temples mysteriously built in a single night. Kurje Lhakhang, discover the cave where Padmasambhava left behind his body imprint after his meditation; 14th century Tamshing Goenba is a monastic school of many young novices; Swiss farmhouse, founded by a Swiss man who later married to a local girl and have settled in Bhutan ever since; Kharchu Dratshang, the largest nyingma monastery in Bumthang. Leisure time around the small town of Jakar.

Overnight at Jakar

Day 04: Festival at Jakar

Jakar Tshechu (festival), takes place inside the courtyards of Jakar Dzong (fortress) and it includes celebratory masked dances performed by the special group of monks while the villagers sing the folk and classical songs during the festival. Tsechu is a spiritual event must be attended by all walks of life for many local family thus plays a major role in our society.

The performers wear colourful silk robes with wooden mask and the local spectators wear bright costumes offering wonderful photo opportunities. During the larger festivals Bhutan is very popular with tourists and some of its charm can be lost, so visiting the smaller festivals is advisable.

(Note: Most of the festivals dates are tentative can easily alter without any prior notice)

Overnight at Jakar

Day 05: To Trongsa (2-3hrs drive, 68km/45miles)

Morning drive to Trongsa, the ancestral home of the Wangchuck Dynasty. It is said that every crown prince, heir to the ‘golden throne’ must serve as a governor of Trongsa Dzong prior to becoming the next king of Bhutan. En-route visit the Yathra Weaving Centre at Zhungney. It is a joint venture run by family as a source of income other than agriculture. They sell hand-woven carpets, textiles, wooden mask etc. as a finished products but made from Yak hair and sheep wool. On arrival visit, Ta-Dzong, Trongsa Dzong; Evening stroll around the town and interact with the locals are some options kept open after completing the sights of the day.

Overnight at Trongsa

(Note: Due to the ongoing road maintenance work, the drive is expected to be slow and long) Inconvenience caused is regretted.

Day 06: To Phobjikha (5-6hrs drive, 129km/86miles)

Phobjikha valley and its wet-land that provides natural habitat for the endangered Black-necked Cranes (November – March). These birds fly all the way from the Tibetan plateau looking for winter roosting grounds. Visit 15th century Gantey monastery and Gantey Shedra, Crane information centre. Afterwards, check in and relax.

Overnight at Gantey

(Note: Due to the ongoing road maintenance work, the drive is expected to be slow and long) Inconvenience caused is regretted.

Day 07: To Punakha (2-3hrs drive, 68km/45miles)

Morning hike (1hrs hike) along Nature trail that begins from Kingathang village where you can visit a temple built by the Queen Mother.   From Kingathang, continue walking for an hour around the wet-lands passing Semchubara village, through forests of blue pine trees covered with lichen (known as old man’s beard) until you reach in front of Gantey Monastery. Next, we drive to Punakha, the former capital of Bhutan but still the winter residence for the central monk body. Rinchengang stone masons village is about 15mins walk is located on a small hill facing Wangdi Phodrang Dzong (under renovation). Meet with the families and children at the village. It is best recommended to buy some candies when you meet with the children will love it. 30mins hike to the most revered temple of fertility, 15th century Chimi Lhakhang.  Overnight at Punakha

(Note: Due to the ongoing road maintenance work, the drive is expected to be slow and long) Inconvenience caused is regretted.

Day 08: To Thimphu (3-4hrs drive, 75km/50miles)

Morning visit Punakha Dzong, the most beautiful Dzong in the country is located in between the Pho (Male) and Mo (female) Chhu (river). Until 1955, Punakha used to be the capital of Bhutan but still it is the winter residence for the central monk body. Later drive to Paro, en-route visit the Royal Botanical Park at Lamperi and the 108 stupas at Dochula pass (Alt. 3140m/10080ft). Continue drive further to the capital city, Thimphu is home to 90,000 residents making it the largest populated districts in Bhutan. Memorial stupa was built in a loving memory of the late third king in early 1970’s. It is a pious landmark to many residents of Thimphu and of the nearby villages.

Overnight at Thimphu

Day 09:  Thimphu sightseeing and evening drive to Paro.

Visit Giant Buddha statue at Kuensel phodrang, Takin preserve, the national animal of Bhutan; Drubthob nunnery, consists about 50 nuns mostly of Tibetan orgins. Colourful Weekends market (only open on weekends), the biggest domestic market of the country; Jungshi hand-made paper factory, walk around the Craft Bazaar just in case if you are looking for souvnirs; Changzamtog weaving house. Evening drive to Paro, en-route stop over at the Iron Bridge at Tachog Lhakhang. Its located 5mins walk below the Thimphu- Paro highway. Overnight at Thimphu

Day 10: Departure


8. The dragon sunrise of Bhutan-(10Nights/11Days)

Day 1 (Paro2280m – Dochula3140m, 2hrs)

Arrive at Paro and transfer to Dochula. En-route stop over at the Wangsimu and visit the 900yr old Bhutanese house with nine doors in just one house belonging to Khadro Sonam Peldon of the 12century. Visit the National institute of Traditional medicine, National memorial stupa.
Overnight at Hotel Dochula or similar.

Day 2 (Dochula3100m – Phobjikha2900m, 2900m)

Witness the early morning Bhutanese sunrise and leave for the valley of ‘Black necked Cranes’. Visit the 15century old Gantey goenba and the crane information center, (or) if you may walk along the nature trails around the crane roosting ground.
Overnight at Gakiling, Dewachen or similar

Day 3 (Phobjikha2900m – Bumthang2580m, 6hrs)

Today we’ll pass by the ‘Black Mountain’ with dense forest making home for many wildlife like the Himalayan Black bear, Red fox, Royal Bengal tigers. Check In and freshen for you about to witness as you will be attending the theological debate held by the monks at Kharchu Monastery. The wandichholing palace is one of its kind which was not designed as a fortress but built on the battle field where Penlop Jigme Namgyal was so victorious.
Overnight at Ugyenling, Gongkhar guest house or similar

Day 4 (Bumthang valley tour)

Drive to Jambey lhakang where if you may will be able to hike the valley to kurje and pass the suspension bridge to the yathra weaving center and beyong Tamshing.

Day 5 (Bumthang 2580m – Trongsa2180m, 3hrs)

Visit the Prakhar temple in chummey and the weaving center at Zhungney where the weaver have mastered the art of weaving from Sheep wool and yak hair. Trongsa dzong, the ancestral homeland of the Wangchuck Dynasty and Ta-dzong which show cases many of ancient holy books, original statues dating back as early as 8th century until now.
Overnight at Yangkhil, Tashi Ninjay or similar.

Day 6 (Trongsa2180m – Punakha1250m, 5hrs)

Tshendebji is one of the most scenic picnic spots where the visitor may have a time to circumambulate the chorten and accumulate some merits while still nearby. Chimi lhakang, a temple dedicated to Lam Drukpa Kuenly was believed to be built on a hill that has a shape of a women’s breast.

Day 7 (Punakha 1250 – Thimphu2300m, 3hrs)

Drive north of Punakha to begin your hike to Khamsum Yuelley. The massive Punakha dzong , Dzong Chuung and the Buddhist monk school left hand-side of the Royal Guest House will some of the interesting places that could be visited depending on the availability of time. After lunch drive to the Thimphu.
Overnight at Khang Residency, Peaceful or similar

Day 8 (Thimphu sightseeing)

Gongsar Chorten, Local arts and crafts School, National Library, Folk heritage Museum, Royal Academy of performing Arts. Colorful weekends market. Evening stroll around down town for souvenirs and explore one of the few capitals in the world that has no traffic lights even today. The fortress of ‘Glorious religion is a must visit sights where you may witness the flag removal ceremony outside the Dzong. Traditional Hand-made paper factory at Langjophaka. Changangkha Lhakang.
Overnight at Khang, Peaceful or similar

Day 9 (Thimphu – Taktshang3300m)

Morining drive to Paro to climb the highlightts of your tour, ‘Tak-tshang’, the tigers nest and beyond Zantopelri to Ugyen tsemo where we camp for the night. You may this will you best to share time with the Bhutanese family living next to the temple and may even be a fare deal to taste some traditional tea while experience a Bhutanese way of living at home as a family.
Camsite at Ugyentsemo

Day 10 (Paro sightseeing)

The ruins of Drugyal Dzong is a must visit sight where on a clear sky one would face Mt. Jumolhari in front of you, Kyichu Lhakang, Paro Ringpung Dzong, Dungtse lhakang, National Museum and Dzongdrakha.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, Khangku or similar.

Day 11


9: The middle way journey in Bhutan-


Traditionally, prayer flags come in sets of five: one in each of five colors. The five colors are arranged from left to right in a specific order: blue, white, red, green, and yellow. The five colors represent the elements and the five pure lights. Different elements are associated with different colors for specific traditions, purposes and sadhana. Blue symbolizes the sky and space, white symbolizes the air and wind, red symbolizes fire, green symbolizes water, and yellow symbolizes earth. According to Traditional Buddhist doctrines, health and harmony are produced through the balance of the five elements.

Day 1:

Arrive at Paro and transfer to Thimphu. Check in and drive to the Sangay Gang view point and start an easy flat hike to Wangdetse and descend all the way to ‘the Blue Stone Dzong’. Pay your visit to the 17century fortress of ‘Glorious Religion’ where you’ll encounter several monks and policemen at the flag removal ceremony held outside the Dzong.
Overnight at Khang Residency, Peaceful or similar

Day 2 (Thimphu 2300m – Tango/Chagri 2600m, 45min)

Enjoy your picnic lunch while hiking up Tango and Chagri Bhuddhist institute. The giant Bhuddha Doderma statue is only one of its kind which a stunning view of the Thimphu valley. After arriving at Tango/Chagri attend the prayer flag blessing ceremony before hoisting the prayer flags with the best of belief at Tango and Chagri.

Day 3 (Thimphu 2300m – Gantey2900m, 5hrs)

Morning drive to the valley of Phobjikha. Visit the crane information center. If you may this will a good time to linger around these remote valleys and visit homes of the local family nearby. As a Bhutanese tradition we always feel to do the right by leaving some gifts for the children or to the elderly members of the family as a token of appreciation after leaving the family house. En-route stop over Dochula and spread your prayers across the Himalaya and beyond for a better world peace.
Overnight at Dewachen, Gakiling or similar.

Day 3 (Gantey 2900m – Trongsa2180m, 4-5hrs)

Walk along the nature trails for about an hour and half before you drive further east to Trongsa. The recently converted Ta-dzong as museum is one of the best way to summarize and define your entire tour in Bhutan as it sums up your tour historically, culturally and politically.
Overnight at Yangkhil, Tashi Ninjay or similar

Day 4 (Trongsa 2180m – Kuenga Rabten- Bumthang2580m, 2hrs)

A day excursion and visit to Kuenga Rabten, an unusual U-shaped building was the winter residence of the Druk Gyalpo’s in the past will give you an insight of the ‘Bhutanese Palace’. A 15min walk uphill to the Karma Drubdey Nunnery is yet another site one could visit depending on your schedule and the availability of time. After lunch continue drive to Bumthang. Prakhar Lhakang at Zhungney will be a nice time to stretch your legs and a 10min walk to the temple of a different kind.
Overnight at Gongkhar guest house, Mt. Lodge or similar

Day 5 (Jakar – Tang valley and Ugyen choling, 2hrs)

Tang, one of the most fertile valleys in Bumthang which is famous for treasure revealers discovered treasure as early as some 600yrs ago. Tang UgyenChholing is now been converted into a musuem which used to be one of the summer residence of the Wangchuck dynasty. On your return back stop-over Tang Rimochen and at the ‘Burning Lake’.

Day 6 Bumthang cultural tour

The ‘Castle of the White Bird’ is now being used as the administrative offices for the local govt. but once have been a residence of the local king. The Buddhist College at Tharpaling is another great place to hike but you need to some sacrifices before you making choices. Touring the valley by foot by walking to Jambey lhakang, Kurje Lhakang and over to Tamshing and Koenchogsum lhakang is yet another option one can allow yourself to explore the valley more. You’ll also visit the local community Yathra weaving center which is only found in Bumthang because this style and material is very indigenous locally. Evening visit Kharchu Dratshang for to witness the theological debate being among the monkhood.
Overnight at Mt. Lodge, Ugyen ling or similar.

Day 7 (Bumthang 2580m – Punakha1250m, 6hrs)

Palace of great happiness is must visit sights as it is believed to be the most beautiful Dzongs in the country. The fertility temple of the divine madman and Kuruthang Goemba.
Overnight at Punatshangchhu, Meri Puensum or similar

Day 8 (Punkha 1250m – Paro2280m, 4hrs)

Morning hike to Khamsum Yuelly and continue drive further to Paro. Ringpung Dzong, Dungtse lhakang and Paro Kyichu is some of the great sites to be visited.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, Khangku or similar.

Day 9(Paro Taktshang 3100m approx)

Day hike to ‘Tigers Nest’ and if time permits one can always visit some of the isolated temple of Zantopelri and Ugentsemo which seemed to be hanging down from the sky when you first begin your hike from the base.
Overnight at Tashi Namgay, Tenziling or similar

Day 10


Tashi Delek!

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