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Whether you are on a trekking or non-trekking trip, or touring with day hikes, the key to dressing in Bhutan is layering. Remember that the clothes you bring wash well in cold water and dry quickly. Please, bring loose, comfortable clothes and comfortable walking shoes. Since toilet facilities are not always available, women may prefer skirts to pants. They are easier for squatting! Remember, Bhutan is the same latitude as Florida, so altitude, not latitude, determines temperature during a typical day, when you leave your hotel you may choose to wear a shell jacket with a fleece or a wool sweater a pair of long pants, with gloves and a hat in your daypack. If you are touring with day hikes, you will want a good pair of waterproof walking shoes. If you are hiking, you will want a pair of boots that are well broken in and two pairs of socks – a thin polypropylene liner and a pair of thick wool socks. These will protect you from blisters.
As the day warms up, you will begin stripping down and tucking clothes into your daypack.

Shorts are not always appropriate in Asian countries for men or women. Try wearing light-weight, loose fitting travel trousers.
On top, you can wear a T-shirt, or a light capilene or polypropylene shirt. Many people prefer the capilene or polypro, as they wick the moisture away from your body. Cotton shirts and blouses absorb moisture, and can leave you shivering if the temperature drops or if you are hiking and stop to rest. Some hikers prefer capilene to polypro, as the polypro tends to absorb odor more readily. You might find you want a light pair of sneakers or rubber flip-flops to walk in at day’s end.

The list below describes the clothing needed for touring with day hikes. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND COMFORT, PLEASE CONSIDER ALL ITMES ON THE LIST. WE WANT YOU TO BE WARM AND DRY ON YOUR TRIP.

Clothing for Day Hikes & Trekking
  • Underwear – 4 or 5 changes
  • Long-sleeved shirts – 2 (including a turtleneck or capilene shirt for layering)
  • Short-sleeved shirts – 3 or 4 (include at least one short-sleeved capilene or polypro shirt)
  • Pants – 2 or 3 (Bring comfortable, loose-fitting pants. Jeans are not advised as they do not dry easily.
    An alternative for driving days is sweat pants.
  • Travel skirt for women – 2 (lightweight, with pockets, quick drying, and not too short)
  • Pile, polartec, or wool sweater (Pile is better as it dries faster)
  • Light warm jacket for the evenings and mornigns.
  • Thin polypro or capilene long underwear top and bottom
  • Waterproof shell jacket and pants
  • Windbreaker
  • Walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Lightweight sneakers or shoes for evening
  • Socks 3 to 4 pairs (If you are hiking, bring 2 to 3 pairs of BOTH wool socks and lightweight polypro socks)