Bhutan Karma Trails

Bhutan Bird Watching Tour

About 70% of Bhutan should maintain forest coverage according to the Bhutanese Constitution. Simply good enough habitat for the birds to make a living. Bird watching tours are possible within the driving distance and can range from a 6 days tour to 21 days (or more). Wildlife viewing tours will need longer duration from a minimum of 12 days and require trekking. Because of huge numbers and diversity of endemic species, the eastern Himalayas of which Bhutan is a part, has been considered as one of the world’s top 10 biodiversity “Hot-spots”. The best month for the Birding tour is March – May and October – November. Nearly about 650 species of birds have been recorded in Bhutan and significant numbers of their kind are easier to be found here than any other Himalayan countries because of the intact natural habitat, and sometimes Bhutan is also known as the Birders Paradise.

Bhutan is also a winter Habitat for the vulnerable Black-necked Cranes who roams valleys identifying the roosting wet-lands.

General wildlife viewing is confined to Royal Manas National Park in the South, currently off -limits because of the dangers posed by Separatist groups in India.